Amazing product, really works, was tested on a party animal!
Richard from Bournemouth

The next big thing in the drinks industry!
Kieron from RUNDRY

Dink is selling amazingly well in the bars and pubs across Dorset where I distribute alcohol. Repeat orders are being made each week because people know it works
Karsten, RUNDRY

A great product for bars and clubs everywhere to be sold in addition to alcohol Isi Tuivia,
bar chain owner and International Rugby Star.

I’ve bought them before and they work great!!
Paul from Dorchester

Emails from our online customers:

Truly amazing! At first I was skeptical about the purported benefits of this product – until I tried it. I went out for a celebratory meal with fellow practitioners and took Dink. I had a mixture of drinks, champagne, beer, wine and tequila; everything my dad taught me not to! I think this product has merit!!!! I am a convert!
Dr N Johnson, London

It really works. I took dink on a trip to London where I was being entertained. I went to bed at 4 am. Next morning I rose at 9am and felt fine. Brilliant
J Bronson, bar chain owner

I do not cope well with red wine, so much so that I started to avoid it. I tried it again with Dink and wow – I was so impressed with Dink that I just want to tell everybody about it. My skeptical partner was very annoyed that he did not take Dink.
Emma, Bridport

Hello – I do hope you will be able to help… I came across Dink when in Cowes. Having had a very positive experience with the product, I am now (very) keen to know where I can purchase them up in the London/Surrey/Berkshire region!! Many thanks
G Robinson, Berkshire

I was on a junket yesterday in Cowes, IOW. I bought a packet of DINK at one of the pubs there and have to say am most impressed with the results – almost 12 hours of ongoing drinking, broken up by the needed water intake. I will be using this again (on the occasions when there is the possibility of increased alcohol intake) and recommending it to others.
Mark R Keniston

Customers main reasons for purchasing Dink…

Because they work – Sara from Wolverhampton

hangover doh! – Lee from Cupar

bad hangovers due to getting old – Julian from Bristol

it worked! – Brett from London

Have used before and it works – Kathleen from Glasgow

other products no good – Barry from Wakefield

It worked! – N El-Mariesh

stag weekend – Martin from Nottingham

Already used product – Mark from Wimborne

purchased before in Asda – John from Wolverhampton

Recommended by a friend – Eifion from Gillingham

a friend recommended – Kevin from Clwyd

Friends recommendation – Tim from Cheshire

sick of the next day not being able 2 get out of bed! – Darryll from Newtownards

Friend Recommended – Juliet from Northampton

I was in Cowes last summer so tried Dink then, got your leaflet, still! – Anne from Ealing

used before – Julie from Sutton Coldfield

I suffer from bad hangovers which affect work – Christopher from Hartlepool

reduce effect of morning after – Neil from Bow

Hen Weekend – Marisa from Berkshire

stag weekend due – its gonna be heavy! – Daniel from Leicestershire

Partner suffers badly with Hangovers and these work! – Andrea from Swansea

always end up ill after night out – Claire from Moray

first bought in Asda, worked very well – Pamela from Aberdeen

Recommendation – John from Rochford

used before – Paul from Stockport

I have used it before, heard about in magazine – Charles from Barking

rugby weekend – Raymond from Crondall

Holiday – Darren from Portsmouth

Get really really badly lethargic with hangovers – George from High Wycombe

they work they are excellent to help during christmas period – Amanda from Loughborough

Boys trip coming up. – Tony from Surrey

Stag do with a groom who is a bit of a lightweight – Alfred from Wokingham

stag night! – Antony from Papworth Everard

Minimise the after-effects of personal alcohol consumption. – Paul from West Lothian

recommended to me – Justan from Preston

Read about in Now magazine – Amanda from Leicester

Google – featured on Stuff mag podcast – Matthew from Winslow

Christmas tree presents – Carolyn from London

friend recommended dink – Sam from North Finchley

Recommended in a magazine – Jayne from Barking

party season – Dominic from Chesterfield


google, asda leyton did not have it GRRR!! – Marc from London

recommended by a friend – Laura from Bournemouth

Recommended by a friend – Steven from London

I’m a Dink Disciple! – Simon from London

Saved me during Cowes week – Susannah from London