Does Dink stop me getting inebriated?

NO. Dink does not stop the mood-altering effects of alcohol.


Does Dink allow me to drink and drive?

NO! Taking Dink does not allow you to drink and drive. Your blood alcohol level could still be high the next morning even if you feel fine.


What are the undesirable effects of Dink?

The carbon in the black capsules may make your stools darker. If you are still concerned about the colour of your stools, please consult your pharmacist or doctor. There are no other known side effects.


What precautions should I take before taking Dink?

Take Dink with caution if you are diabetic as it contains dextrose.


Can I take medicine and Dink?

Alcohol competes with some types of medication for breakdown in the liver and enhances the action of the medication. Some antibiotics will make you very ill if alcohol is taken at the same time. The vegetable carbon in Dink might absorb some medication and reduce the effect. Always check with your pharmacist for interactions.